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Our Collective Impact

Together with our incredible community of neighbors, supporters and friends we’ve accomplished so much good in the city of Pittsburgh. This is just the beginning.

Building Bridges With Our Newest Neighbors

We have been able to accomplish great things since our founding in 2017, and none of it would be possible without you. Every dollar you donate, cookie you purchase, community dinner you attend, and every minute you spend getting to know your new neighbors and becoming an advocate is a step forward on the journey from surviving to thriving for refugees and their families.

"We have weathered a lot of storms and seen a lot of blue skies. From COVID-19 to the fall of Afghanistan and welcoming 250 new neighbors to Pittsburgh in our first year of direct refugee resettlement. Together, we continue to rise to the challenge and I personally am so grateful to see how our work has been embraced and supported as innovative and human-centered - that’s critical in order for us to keep the integrity of how we started, our mission, and the problem we were looking to solve when Hello Neighbor was first founded in 2017. Resilience is the process and outcome of successfully adjusting after hardships, challenges, and trauma. Our newest neighbors show us this process everyday.

Our highlights and success is in large part because of YOUR support! So thank you to everyone reading this who has volunteered, mentored, tutored, donated, supported, written a card or given an airport ride, donated in-kind items or your time. I truly believe in the power of building community because I see it happen every day thanks to all of YOU."

Sloane Davidson

Founder and CEO

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Children playing with stethoscope in doctors costume
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Children playing dress up as scientists or doctors
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Smiling family

A Bright Future Ahead

We have big dreams for making Pittsburgh a place everyone can feel at home. In order to see those dreams come to life, we’ve laid out a plan to help improve the lives of more refugee families and build on the mission of Hello Neighbor over the next three years.

2020-2023 Strategic Plan


“My family and I were feeling discouraged because we had no one to rely on or be friends with. With Hello Neighbor we feel we have family in the United States.”
— Delphine, Mentee

“Through Hello Neighbor, my family has mentored a refugee family and been completely supported in the process. I say mentored, but really we've just become friends.”
— Kendra, Mentor

“The idea of Hello Neighbor is very wonderful because it breaks that barrier between the Middle Eastern and the American people. I think it should be in every state.”
— Dalal, Mentee

By The Numbers

Within our four years of operation we have been able to make significant strides in creating a more welcoming Pittsburgh and building confidence in our newest neighbors as they rebuild their lives. Take a walk with us down memory lane and explore our impact through the years.

2020 Impact Report

2019 Impact Report

2018 Impact Report

2017 Impact Report