We are a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization founded in 2017 committed to supporting recently resettled refugee families.


I am so glad you are here. Hello Neighbor was officially created in January 2017 but the idea of a mentorship program supporting recently resettled refugees and their families is an idea I had been thinking about for a long time. After the election in 2016, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I began to interview and talk to refugees and potential mentors about the idea for Hello Neighbor and I decided there was a real excitement and need for a program like this to exist.

Prior to creating Hello Neighbor, I spent 15 years working in nonprofits with a focus on women and girls, education and supporting underserved and vulnerable communities. As a Pittsburgh native, I boomeranged back to living in the city in 2015. I became really focused on the refugee and immigrant experience first volunteering at a local refugee resettlement agency and then working there while I went to graduate school for public and international affairs.

Hello Neighbor is a new kind of mentorship program. Neighbors, people like you and me, are matched with a recently resettled refugee family who has been in Pittsburgh between 6 months and 5 years.

Our first cohort in 2017 consisted of 25 matches. The refugee families were originally from 7 different countries and the American families were from 23 different zip codes around Pittsburgh. Both sides were incredibly diverse and multigenerational. Our focus for the refugees is to support and guide them in their new lives. We help facilitate that through educational training (on both sides) and a robust calendar of community events that include monthly potlucks and free tickets and experiences at different places around Pittsburgh. See for yourself!

The second cohort is underway! Mentors and mentees have told us that through Hello Neighbor they have created lifelong friendships. There are no guarantees on what your experience will be, but we are here to help, and together, we can make a difference.

We are looking at expansion in 2018, if you are not in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and are interested in having Hello Neighbor where you live, please complete this survey. You can also send any inquiries (media, partnerships, or otherwise) to sloane@helloneighbor.io


In Solidarity,