Refugee Resettlement

Providing our refugee and immigrant neighbors with a warm welcome and network of support from day one.

A Warm Welcome From Day One

Hello Neighbor is now federally approved to resettle refugees in Pittsburgh and across Allegheny County, while continuing to provide post-resettlement support to refugee and immigrant families.

Our Afghan refugee neighbors need us, along with the 82.4 million forcibly displaced people around the world, and we are honored to serve as the warm welcome they deserve from the moment they first arrive in Pittsburgh.

What Is Resettlement?

Resettlement is the act of guiding and assisting refugees who have been forced to leave behind their homes due to war, persecution and violence as they seek protection and work to rebuild their lives in a new country.

After fleeing their home country, most refugees spend between five and 20 years living in refugee camps awaiting approval to resettle permanently in a safe environment. Once they are granted refugee status, these individuals begin the resettlement process which involves a minimum of 24 months of screenings and extensive background checks before they can enter the U.S.

Our refugee neighbors arrive in the U.S. with no funds, no network of support, and lacking the language and cultural knowledge to successfully navigate a new place. As a resettlement partner, it is our job to help these individuals get to a place of self-sufficiency.

Our work begins the moment a refugee first steps off the plane in Pittsburgh, welcoming them to our city, providing furnished housing, access to basic food and necessities like a social security number, cell phone and bus pass, employment services and school enrollment support, access to health services, cultural orientation, English language classes, and more.

Our team works closely with volunteers, donors, social service providers, employers and communities to support refugees as they rebuild their lives with dignity and respect.

By The Numbers

Over the next 12 months, Hello Neighbor hopes to resettle:

  • 100 refugees: Countries of origin will likely include Bhutan, Myanmar, Syria, Democratic Republic of the Congo amongst other countries
  • 50 SIVs: These Special Immigrant Visa holders are all Afghans, a population and culture Hello Neighbor has welcomed and supported since their founding in 2017
  • 100 Afghan Humanitarian Parolees: Many of which are currently located on army bases across the country or trying to be extracted from Afghanistan.


Community Sponsorship

We will be implementing a Community Sponsorship model that creates opportunities for volunteers across Allegheny County to welcome and support the resettlement of our newest neighbors.

We will be looking for volunteers to join community support teams to assist newcomers with everything from airport pick ups to housing support, transportation, first day of school support, attending parent-teacher conferences, and community introductions to libraries, playgrounds, and other third spaces so our newest neighbors can feel safe and comfortable navigating new neighborhoods and cities.

Through community involvement we hope to facilitate increased support networks for refugees to become more confident in their new lives.

We are looking for individuals, places of worship, businesses and organizations to partner with us to provide resources and ideas for supporting our newest neighbors. If you have recommendations on housing, employment opportunities, food and essential items assistance, health and education resources or are interested in joining a community support team, send us an email below!

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Beyond Resettlement

Since our founding in 2017 Hello Neighbor has worked with over 800 refugees and immigrants in Pittsburgh from more than 17 countries of origin to support them in their post-resettlement journey.

Our Family Services programs will continue to serve as additional post-resettlement support after a family or individual’s first 90 days - providing wrap-around support systems and resources that show our refugee and immigrant neighbors that they are not alone.

There are so many ways to get involved in supporting our refugee and immigrant neighbors. Explore our current volunteer opportunities below or email us to learn more about supporting new arrivals through community sponsorship.

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Will You Join Us?

Together we have made incredible strides in creating a more welcoming Pittsburgh for our refugee and immigrant neighbors. We have only come this far with your support and we can’t stop now. Will you partner with us in this next chapter?

Read our official resettlement announcement or watch our virtual town hall to learn more.