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New Neighbor Collective

Join a community of generous monthly givers on a mission to build a more welcoming world for all.

The New Neighbor Collective is a passionate community of neighbors, advocates and world changers on a mission to transform Pittsburgh and the United States into a place we can all proudly call home. We believe in a world where every refugee and immigrant has the opportunity to rebuild their lives with dignity and respect, and that begins with us.

Strength In Numbers

Through the support of dedicated neighbors like you, we have served over 500 refugees and immigrants from more than 15 countries of origin over the past 4 years.

We’ve watched refugee and immigrant parents gain confidence to enter the workforce and find assurance in knowing that they're providing for their families. We’ve supported new and expecting mothers in their journey through motherhood as they discover the courage to dream big dreams for the future once again.

We know our impact is only as strong as our community and that true change starts here and now with us.


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Your Generosity In Action

No matter how much you give, you will be making a difference in the lives of our newest neighbors. Toggle through and see the impact your monthly gift will be making below.

When you join the New Neighbor Collective, you are investing in the kind of world we know is possible - a world where every refugee and immigrant has the opportunity to thrive and rebuild their lives with dignity and respect.

Join Our Community Of World Changers

Our community of monthly givers is made up of individuals from all backgrounds - they are parents, young professionals, students, CEOs, small business owners, teachers and everything in between. They can be found throughout Pittsburgh and around the country and they all have one thing in common - their unstoppable pursuit of a better, more welcoming world.

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We believe that together, with your help, we will see more refugee and immigrant families come to find a sense of home and belonging once again.
Are You With Us?