Hello Neighbor

Our nation’s newest neighbors have come a long way by the time they arrive in Pittsburgh. Find out how transportation can be transformative.

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania committed to supporting our newest neighbors, recently resettled refugee and immigrant families. Since our founding in 2017, we have provided support to over 800 refugees and immigrants from more than 17 countries of origin, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in their new lives.


countries of origin are represented within the community of 800 refugees and immigrants Hello Neighbor supports


hours spent mentoring, tutoring, supporting new moms, and conducting wellness check-ins with families


in emergency cash assistance distributed to families in need through the Refugee Assistance Fund

What We Do

Hello Neighbor supports more than 100 refugee and immigrant families a month providing resettlement support, family mentorship, mom-to-mom support, online tutoring for youth, and essential item distributions for families in need. We continue to respond to the needs of our community and connect refugees and immigrants to the support systems and resources they need to thrive.

Why We Do It

There are over 82.4 million forcibly displaced people around the world today seeking protection. As we expect more new refugee arrivals in Pittsburgh, we are committed to being the warm welcome they deserve from the moment they step off the plane in Pittsburgh throughout their journey of rebuilding their lives with dignity and respect.


million forcibly displaced people around the world today seeking protection and the opportunity to rebuild their lives with dignity and respect.


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