Students and tutors in classroom
Women embracing and sharing emotional moment in audience at event
Musician singing accompanied by dancers
Children posing and smiling at outdoor potluck


Hello Neighbor logo
Women embracing


As our programs evolve, we have made the decision to switch to a fiscal calendar year which means we begin recording program impact July 1 and end June 30 the following year. This decision was made in large part due to shifting priorities during COVID-19.As a result, this special report reflects 18 months of impact! Moving forward from here, impact reports will focus on the work we have accomplished on a fiscal year schedule.


Our Mission

Hello Neighbor works to improve the lives of recently resettled refugee and immigrant families by matching them with dedicated neighbors to guide and support them in their new lives.

Our Vision

Hello Neighbor envisions a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant Pittsburgh and America, whose newest neighbors can realize their dreams of success and prosperity. We aspire to see communities where everyone is valued for their diverse perspectives and are empowered to rebuild their lives with dignity and respect.

Our Values

Our Mission

We believe that all of our work should start with the best interests of the refugees that we serve as voiced by them.

Illustration of family holding luggage and speaking


We believe in having a thoughtful approach toward the refugee families we support. We know the best answers come from really listening to the needs of the community and that trauma-informed care impacts programmatic support.

Illustration of hands with heart


We believe in protecting the privacy and dignity of refugee families by sharing their stories in a respectful way. We strive to be mindful of and sensitive to the journeys and trauma these stories may represent.

Illustration of book with bookmark


We believe the most important aspect of our program is the human connection and trust that comes from mentor/mentee relationships. Listening and connecting over shared experiences helps to foster a community that transcends cultures.

Illustration of team or group of people


We believe in welcoming and standing beside all refugees and immigrants— regardless of race, religion, age, national origin, citizenship status or sexual orientation—and honoring their experiences and voices with a spirit of acceptance and belonging.

Illustration of transformative care


Dear Neighbors,

I’m so excited to share with you Hello Neighbor’s 2021-2022 Impact Report!

Why two years? Excellent question! First of all, we changed our fiscal year to July 1st - June 30th. As we grow, some changes to Hello Neighbor’s financial outlook came to light including how we frame our fiscal year. Second of all, we have undergone exponential growth, as you’ll see from these pages! We’ve experienced growth in the services and programs we provide, in the number of new neighbors we serve, in our national work and presence, and in our staff and annual budget. It’s always been a big vision for a bright future here at Hello Neighbor and that has never been more true than the last two years.

We have weathered a lot of storms and seen a lot of blue skies. From COVID-19 to the fall of Afghanistan and welcoming 250 new neighbors to Pittsburgh in our first year of direct refugee resettlement. Together, we continue to rise to the challenge and I personally am so grateful to see how our work has been embraced and supported as innovative and human-centered - that’s critical in order for us to keep the integrity of how we started, our mission, and the problem we were looking to solve when Hello Neighbor was first founded in 2017. Resilience is the process and outcome of successfully adjusting after hardships, challenges, and trauma. Our newest neighbors show us this process everyday.

Our highlights and success is in large part because of YOUR support! So thank you to everyone reading this who has volunteered, mentored, tutored, donated, supported, written a card or given an airport ride, donated in-kind items or your time. I truly believe in the power of building community because I see it happen every day thanks to all of YOU.

We expanded our services to includes an entire Family Services department: Mentorship, Smart Start, and Study Buddy, and the creation of our Resettlement department, which provides support for new arrivals that includes securing safe and affordable housing, employment within 90 days for at least one member of a household, navigating health appointments, school enrollments, cultural orientations, and so much more.

On the national scale, the Hello Neighbor Network, powered by Hello Neighbor, has grown tremendously. Our Network scaled to 96 organizations from 36 states, we expanded our education and learning offerings, built the Annual Convening into a “must” for our members, and reframed regrants into our Resilience Grants portfolio. We also became a funder ourselves of great work happening all around the country!

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors of Hello Neighbor, I am deeply honored to share this report with you. I hope by reading these updates you’ll see for yourself how we live our core values and how they inform the work we do every single day, both locally here in Pittsburgh, across Allegheny County, and throughout the country. I also hope you’re inspired to get involved!

With Abundance, Gratitude and Joy,

Sloane Davidson's Signature

Sloane Davidson

Founder and CEO

Pittsburgh Post Gazette logo"Pittsburgh nonprofit Hello Neighbor to resettle 250 refugees within next year" headline on Post Gazette news clipping


The Addition of Resettlement

As part of the City of Pittsburgh’s Welcoming Week 2021, the Office of Mayor William Peduto and Office of Equity’s Welcoming Pittsburgh announced Pittsburgh has been named a Certified Welcoming place, becoming the 12th in the United States to achieve this designation.

Our refugee neighbors arrive in the U.S. with no funds, no network of support, and lacking the language and cultural knowledge to successfully navigate a new place. As a resettlement partner, it is our job to help these individuals get to a place of self-sufficiency.

Our work begins the moment a refugee first steps off the plane in Pittsburgh: welcoming them to our city, providing furnished housing, access to basic food and necessities like a social security number, cell phone and bus pass, employment services and school enrollment support, access to health services, cultural orientation, English language classes, and more.

Our team works closely with volunteers, donors, social service providers, employers and communities to support refugees as they rebuild their lives with dignity and respect.


As part of the City of Pittsburgh’s Welcoming Week 2021, the Office of Mayor William Peduto and Office of Equity’s Welcoming Pittsburgh announced Pittsburgh has been named a Certified Welcoming place, becoming the 12th in the United States to achieve this designation.

Welcoming Pittsburgh is an immigrant, refugee and asylee integration strategy launched in 2014. Welcoming Pittsburgh is rooted in a commitment to ensure a more livable city for all residents and is an initiative meant to live within the community. Instead of directing the conversation, the city aims to support the dialogue that is already happening in order to successfully address the needs of the community. Through support of immigrant-centered events, projects, and initiatives, the City of Pittsburgh is committed to engaging as much of our immigrant, refugee, and asylee communities as possible.

Hello Neighbor is proud to be a part of such a great initiative and has been working closely with refugee resettlement agencies like U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) to support our newly arriving neighbors through Resettlement and Placement (R&P) support.

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) works to protect the rights and address the needs of persons in forced or voluntary migration worldwide and support their transition to a dignified life.

The Resettlement and Placement (R&P) program is responsible through the Department of State cooperative agreements to provide the following services to refugees during the first 90 days of their arrival to the U.S.:

  • Secure safe and affordable housing, furniture, household items, weather-appropriate clothing, and more
  • Apply for economic assistance programs available to newly arrived refugees
  • Medical screenings and referrals
  • Social security enrollment
  • School enrollment
  • English classes enrollment
  • Employment services
  • Cultural orientations
US Department of State logo
US Committee for Refugees and Immirgants logo


Welcoming new neighbors at the airport with "Welcome" sign

DAY 0-90:


Our newest resettlement program focuses on directly resettling refugees, SIVs, and Afghan humanitarian parolees across Allegheny County. We will use a Community Sponsorship model to garner grassroots, community support around our newest neighbors from the moment they step off the plane.

Mentor and mentee families sharing holiday dinner

DAY 91:

Family Services

Our local Family Services programs provide direct, neighbor-to-neighbor support to refugees and immigrants throughout the Pittsburgh region.

These programs include:

  • Family Mentorship - connecting local families to their newest neighbors
  • Study Buddy - offering peer tutoring for refugee and immigrant youth
  • Smart Start - providing support to new moms and babies

The Network

A national coalition of grassroots organizations supporting refugees and immigrants across the U.S., the Hello Neighbor Network provides refugee-focused nonprofits with the tools and resources they need to create structural change.

18-month Impact in Numbers

(JAN 1, 2021-JUNE 30, 2022)


Illustration of laptop
Chrome Books Given
Illustration of clock
Tutoring Hours
Signed Up Again


Illustration of mother holding baby
Babies Born
Moms Served
+ 8 First-Time Moms!
Baby Boxes Provided
Illustration of baby supplies … diaper, bottle, pacifier, onesie, bath
Number of mother support items provided
Moms came from 10 different countries:
Ethiopia, Syria, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Nepal, Mexico, DRC, Ukraine, Somalia, Myanmar
Illustration of takeout food
Meal Train Deliveries
Estimated Dollar Value of Baby Box Items & Baby/Mom Donations



The Network welcomed
16 Fellows in 2021
Stylized colorful illustration of diverse group of women
OVER 50%
agreed that the conversation made them think differently about a topic that relates to refugee and immigrant inclusion
said they learned about at least one new professional in a field they are interested in
made one to five new personal or professional connections
deepened existing connections
The convening had a commitment to diversity among speakers and presenters and ultimately included voices and insights form folks of whom:
identify as Black, indigenous or people of color
identify as women
have lived migration experience
“It was a truly enriching day. Each session was thoughtful and relevant. I have eight typed pages of notes with many takeaways and gems.”
– Convening Attendee
(0-90 DAYS)


Our work begins the moment a refugee first steps off the plane in Pittsburgh, with the aim to provide different resettlement services within a span of 0-90 days. Since the establishment of the resettlement department, Hello Neighbor has provided the following services:

families served
individuals served
chrome books given
Afghan (APA) cases and 207 individuals
case from Sudan
case of 9 from Syria
(some stand alone homes, many apartments)

A single family of 7currently resides in temporary housing in an AirBNB. They just agreed to stay in Pittsburgh and will be moving into one of two vacant units, leaving us with one large unit open.


all part time jobs with the exception of 1. Average wage is $14.64. 70% of eligible adults are working with 13 pending placement.

We are grateful to the following employers for partnering with us and hiring our clients

PCNA logo
Staffmark PNCA currently employs 58%of our active clients.
Clean Care logo
Clean Care employs 29%.
Holiday Inn logo
Holiday Inn Express employs 13%.

We appreciate Staffmark PCNA for ensuring that our families have reliable transportation to their New Kensington office. Without transportation this partnership would not be possible as the majority of our families have no vehicle at this point and rely on public transportation.


Ukrainian flag in sky

Ukraine Arrivals

On April 21, 2022, President Biden introduced Uniting for Ukraine, which provides a pathway for Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members to come to the United States and stay temporarily in a two year period of parole. People fleeing the war in Ukraine can come to the U.S. with the support of a sponsor. Recently, this status was updated to be called Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees (UHP) and Hello Neighbor received funding to support new Ukrainian neighbors. However, under the current federal guidelines this looks very different than how we normally welcome refugees. Ukrainians coming to Pittsburgh will have to seek out our services or be referred to us. While it is still unknown how many Ukrainians will be resettled in Pittsburgh, we know they are coming and anticipate more updates in the months to come. We continue to work closely with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to share updates with the Pittsburgh community.

Community Co-Sponsors welcoming new neighbors arriving at airport

Community Co-sponsorship

Community co-sponsorship: Hello Neighbor is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest program in Refugee Resettlement: Community Co-Sponsorship. Under co-sponsorship, a community group makes an agreement to provide a refugee family with government regulated services and financial support, as well as a social support network, friendship and opportunities for personal exchange that go well beyond the requirements of a resettlement agency.

Hello Neighbor is currently running a pilot model of our Co-Sponsorship program. Whether your group is an interfaith organization, a workplace committee, a book club, we will be looking for lots of volunteer groups to take part in this exciting new chapter of refugee resettlement history!

Family smiling together


One family we worked closely with in their first 90 days consists of 10 people – Mom, Dad, and 8 girls ranging in ages from 2-18!

Before the school year came to a close, all 8 daughters were enrolled and ready to learn, and  Mohammad secured employment his first 90 days. After their 90-day resettlement period, Hello Neighbor will continue to be there for them with our family services programs as they continue adjusting to their new home!

With the help of a partner organization, we were able to give every Afghan family a new computer, Mohammad’s family being one of them. These computers help support students’ schoolwork and English learning courses. The photo above shows Mohammad and his oldest daughter on a trip to Goodwill, where they purchased new dresses for all 9 women and girls in the family!

The family is settling well into life in Pittsburgh. They are now able to navigate bus routes including ensuring all 8 children get to school and attend medical appointments. This is a huge adjustment for anyone navigating a new city, let alone someone who is also learning a new language. We’re eager to continue welcoming new neighbors just like Mohammad’s family to Pittsburgh.


Smiling volunteers and community members at restaurant

DAY 91:

Beyond Resettlement

Since our founding in 2017, Hello Neighbor has worked with over 1,100 refugees and immigrants in Pittsburgh from more than 18 countries of origin to support them in their post-resettlement journey. Our Family Services programs (Study Buddy, Mentorship, and Smart Start) will continue to serve as additional post-resettlement support after a family or individual’s first 90 days - providing wraparound support systems and resources that show our refugee and immigrant neighbors that they are not alone.


Students and tutors working together
Student smiling with their certificate
Study buddy group posing with their certificates
Students Enrolled
Tutoring Hours
“Today was our last session of the semester :( we went over math problems and discussed her other classes - then we talked a little bit about summer and both agreed we would miss getting to talk over zoom! :) Lana is such a kind and smart student and I have so enjoyed working with her and getting to know her through study buddy!! I have full confidence that she will go far in life and touch the lives of so many people around her in the process of doing whatever she pursues!”
– Study Buddy Student
107 days x
3 sessions per evening =
Individual Sessions
Illustration of laptop
Chrome Books Given


Early Childhood Programming

Hello Neighbor’s Early Education program is currently in its planning phase. In the last quarter of the year we will be publishing a new position for Early Education Specialist. We are also interviewing partners and community members in the field to gauge their specific needs in early education. We want to act as a bridge between our families and existing services and find opportunities to use our partnerships with schools and local stakeholders to create programming for our younger learners.

Children and adult coloring together
Family outside surrounded by flowers
Mentor and mentee families playing indoors
People speaking at indoor event




Our mentors came from across Pittsburgh. They reported spending an average of 36 hours with their mentees, registering children for school programs, going to doctor appointments, getting library cards, and exploring Pittsburgh.


Our mentee families live across the region, with most living in Carrick, Carnegie, and Crafton Heights. They hold many roles in our community, working as interpreters, Uber drivers, food workers, college students, and legal aides.


OCTOBER 2021 - MARCH 2022


Students Enrolled
Afghanistan, CAR, DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Sudan, Syria, and Ukraine
Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Karen, Kurdish, Malay, Matu Chin, Mon, Nepali, Pashto, Russian, Tigrinya, Turkish, and Ukrainian
*2 matches ended their relationships early. This is consistent with past cohorts.
“We’re like family. Even my son has another sippy cup at their house.”
– Mentee


Illustration of family with young child and baby

Our mentee families live across the region, with most living in Carrick, Carnegie, and Crafton Heights. There were a total of 115 mentees: 52 adults and 63 children.

They hold many roles in our community including interpreters, Uber drivers, food workers, college students, and legal aides.

Their aspirations are diverse: to buy a home, study coding, work in international affairs, and to learn English.


Illustration of family with 2 young children

Our 71 mentors came from 27 families across Pittsburgh.

Among them are teachers, computer programmers, farmers, linguists, professors, and artists.

Throughout their time in the program, our mentor families reported time spent registering children for school programs, visiting museums, going to doctor appointments, getting library cards, and exploring Pittsburgh.

“For me, the relationship has grown into - it’s sort of bidirectional - it’s not just us introducing them to something… it’s that sharing that’s happening.”
- Mentor


Pittsburgh Riverhounds logo

Kickoff at a Pittsburgh Riverhounds game

Heinz History Center logo

Celebration at the Heinz History Museum

Illustration of knife and fork on plate

End of Cohort Community Potluck


Our mentor families submitted activity reports which included the following…

“It was a really great experience, and in particular just getting to know these amazing people is really wonderful.”
– Mentor


We conducted end-of-program interviews with 25 mentors and 19 mentees. There was an additional anonymous survey of mentors with 4 responses.

Generally, participants felt that the most memorable moments were shared holiday traditions - particularly Thanksgiving. During their interviews, 6 mentors and 8 mentees brought up holiday stories.

Mentee Responses

  • 95% felt that the program was helpful
  • 89% said that they better understand American culture
  • 100% would recommend the mentorship program to a friend(3 already had). **
**2 mentees were removed from this analysis because it is believed that they did not understand the question.
“Since we started with Hello Neighbor, whenever we need something we always get help. I am very thankful for that.”
– Mentee
Illustration of family with child and baby


Illustration of a virus

Cohort 6 took place during the COVID-19Pandemic. While most participants were vaccinated,100% of matches had to cancel plans due to COVID spikes and infections.

They stayed connected through:

  • Texting
  • Facetime/Zoom
  • Meeting outside
  • Delivering food and gifts

Time spent together was impacted by these disruptions from January - March, and families found that virtual interactions were not as meaningful as time spent in-person.

Families playing board game together at home


C7 Mentorship kicks off in fall of 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of the C7Mentorship Program. Through this program, we will match recently resettled refugee and immigrant families with local mentors. Mentor and mentee matches decide what they want to do together, with activities ranging from playing at the local park, to attending Hello Neighbor events, to helping mentee families read mail and teaching them to write a check.

Mentors are strategically matched with the refugee and immigrant families based on a variety of factors including geographic proximity, family composition, availability, and interest areas. The initial time commitment is a minimum of 10 hours per month for eight months, but many of the relationships created in our program remain active after the initial time commitment and develop into lifelong friendships.

“For me, the relationship has grown into - it’s sort of bidirectional - it’s not just us introducing them to something…it’s that sharing that’s happening.”
– Mentor
“Since we started with Hello Neighbor, whenever we need something we always get help. I am very thankful for that.”
– Mentee


Baby in front of downtown Pittsburgh skyline
Newborn baby in hospital
Parent holding newborn baby in hospital
Babies Born
Moms Served
Number of First Time Moms
Illustration of mother holding baby
Illustration of car seats
Number of Car Seats Distributed
Estimated Dollar Value of Baby Box Items & Baby/Mom donations
Moms came from 13 different countries:
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria, Afghanistan, Nepal, Mexico, DRC, Myanmar, Somalia, Ukraine, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iraq
Hand drawn illustration of dress
Designs made by Smart Start mothers.
Hand drawn decorative illustration with filigree
Colorful map of neighborhoods where Hello Neighbor new neighbors live in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
Zip Codes Served
Illustration of baby supplies … diaper, bottle, pacifier, onesie, bath
Estimated number of mother support items provided:
Support Provided:
Bi-Weekly Check-ins
to each new mom for an average of 4 months.
Languages Spoken by Smart Start Moms:
Meal Train Deliveries
Meal Train Deliveries
Illustration of shipping box


Extensive case management for individuals in Smart Start programming

"My volunteer was great. Sometimes it took us a long time to figure out what baby items did what but she always showed up and helped.”
“Happy Mother’s Day to you - I know you have no babies - you are like all of our mothers.”
(In response to a pediatrician clearing a baby as completely healthy...) "I have to thank her (Smart Start Coordinator), she is why our baby is born healthy."


We Welcomed
22 Fellows
in 2022
Virtual conference call
Total current members of Fellowship, Learning Collaborative, Membership:
Map of United States with network organizations marked by pins
States represented across Fellowship and Learning Collaborative
Learning Collaborative members in 2022
Kristen portrait photo / headshot
"Meeting these women for the first time last year gave me an incredible feeling of relief for I knew I would no longer be working in a silo. The Hello Neighbor Network has been an invaluable resource thus far in offering guidance and advice on best practices, policies and procedures, and helping to answer tough questions."
Kristen Bloom, Founder & Executive Director of Refugee Assistance Alliance (Miami, FL)
Lydia portrait photo / headshot
The Hello Neighbor Network truly has been instrumental in grounding our organization, Elmahaba Center, in or practice and in our theory. It’s a lonely road supporting immigrants and refugees holistically in the United States, and having companions to join you on the road to practice care of our neighbors and to prioritize their voices and not ours is powerful, grounding, humbling. The Network has offered me that perspective, that resource really, of knowing that we’re not alone, that others have trodden on this path before us, and that we’re stronger together. As Audre Lorde said, “Without community, there is no liberation.”
Lydia Yousief, Executive Director of Elmahaba Center in Nashville, TN

Hello Neighbor Network Convening 2022

The Hello Neighbor Network Convening 2022 welcomed100 people to Pittsburgh. The convening created a space to generate ideas for refugee and immigrant leaders’ work, celebrate them for all they do and who they are, and leave them inspired to continue building bridges of belonging in places they call home. 70% of presenters are people with lived migration experience, indigenous, and people of color. 91% of food vendor dollars went to refugee and immigrant vendors.


made new connection and deepened existing ones
gained new skills and knowledge
left with new inspiration to continue their work
“This event was extremely beneficial, and I wish I had had it a few years ago when I was the only one at the org and didn’t have staff support and didn’t know what I was doing.”
Convening Attendee


Strategic planning for the future direction of The Network!

Fellows talking together in conference room
Interview on stage at convening
Network team and fellows on bridge in Pittsburgh

Resilience Grants

Every community is dealing with challenges they couldn’t have predicted. Support at the right moment can help individuals, families, and communities rebound and thrive. Resilience Grants go to the greatest areas of need and opportunity for refugees and immigrants nationwide. Resilience is a muscle we flex now perhaps more than ever. Resilience Grants allow nonprofits across the nation to support their communities in areas of greatest need.


To leverage national funding for local, community-based organizations working with immigrants and refugees


Network members (sometimes sub-segments)


Funders at a national scale typically who work with us to identify a specific issue or need for grassroots nonprofits


Throughout the year


Technology Resilience Grant with the Harnisch Foundation
• Hearts & Homes for Refugees
• Dwell Mobile
• Soft Landing Missoula
• Refugee Assistance Alliance
• Homes Not Borders
• Miry’s List
• Cornerstone Marriage and Family Intervention
• Refugee Education & Adventure Challenge (REACH)
• Ladies Let’s Talk
• Riverview International Center
• Neighbor to Neighbor
• Elena’s Light
• Tapestry Farms
• Elmahaba Center

Capacity Building Resilience Grant with the Walmart Foundation
• Bismarck Global Neighbors
• Break Bread, Break Borders
• Claremont Canopy
• Cornerstone Marriage and Family Intervention
• Dwell Mobile
• Elena’s Light
• Elmahaba Center
• Heartfelt Tidbits
• Hearts & Homes for Refugees
• HOLA Lakeway
• Homes for Refugees, USA
• Homes Not Borders
• International Neighbors
• Ladies Let’s Talk
• Miry’s List
• Neighbor to Neighbor
• Refugee Assistance Alliance
• Refugee Education & Adventure Challenge (REACH)
• Riverview International Center
• Soft Landing Missoula
• Tapestry Farms
• Welcome Home Jersey City

Surprise Recognition Resilience Grant with the Good People Fund
• Break Bread, Break Borders
• Claremont Canopy
• Cornerstone Marriage and Family Intervention
• Dwell Mobile
• Elena’s Light
• Elmahaba Center
• Heartfelt Tidbits
• Hearts & Homes for Refugees
• HOLA Lakeway
• Homes for Refugees, USA
• Homes Not Borders
• International Neighbors
• Ladies Let’s Talk
• Miry’s List
• Neighbor to Neighbor
• Refugee Assistance Alliance
• Refugee Education & Adventure Challenge (REACH)
• Soft Landing Missoula
• Tapestry Farms

Welcome Home Jersey City Times of Transition Resilience Grant with USA for UNHCR
• Cornerstone Marriage and Family Intervention
• Elmahaba Center
• HOLA Lakeway
• Neighbor to Neighbor
• Refugee Assistance Alliance
• Refugee Education & Adventure Challenge (REACH)
• Tapestry Farms Staff & Volunteer

Appreciation Resilience Grant with the Walmart Foundation
• African Development Center
• Eat N Talk Africa
• ECHO Collective
• Global Emergency Response and Assistance
• Karen Society of Nebraska
• New Neighbors Partnership
• One World One Love
• Open Field
• Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees
• Refugee Hope Partners
• Ruth’s Refuge
• The Welcome to America Project
• Treetops Collective
• Valley Neighbors
• Weavetales

Race and Racism Research

This research seeks to answer the central questions:

  1. What is the current level of understanding of race and racism in the U.S. for newly resettled refugee and immigrant adults (over 18) in the Hello Neighbor Network?
  2. What topics and approaches would be most effective to build refugee and immigrant awareness of anti-racism and racial equity?


Refugee Perspectives on
Race & Racism in the U.S.
supported by
Walmart Foundation logo

The Hello Neighbor Network, powered by Hello Neighbor, is under taking one of the first national research studies to understand adult refugees’ understanding and experience of race and racism in the U.S.

Why this study?
  1. Refugees face and may engage in race discrimination.
  2. CORE orientation trainings for refugees do not cover histories or the context of race and racism in the U.S.
  3. Select grassroots nonprofits provide this education, many do not have capacity.
Phase 1
Data Collection
Research Brief & Lit Review National Survey (n=300) Qualitative Case Studies (n=2)
Phase 2
Develop & Pilot Educational Modules with Communities
Phase 3
Roll Out
Roll out Educational Modules among Network members
Phase One Research Partners
Tufts University logo

Tufts University's Refugees In Towns Initiative, led by Dr. Karen Jacobsen, conducts case studies in local contexts utilizing participatory methods with refugees as co-researchers.

Hello Neighbor Network logo

Powered by Hello Neighbor(founded in 2017), the Hello Neighbor Network is a coalition of nearly 100grassroots nonprofits supporting refugees and immigrants in the U.S.

UMass Amherst logo

University of Massachusetts-Amherst's Dr. Linda Tropp is aleading researcher onintergroup relations. She andher PhD student, CierraAbellera, conduct nationalperceptions surveys.

* Results are not yet ready to share

Performers posing and smiling at photobooth
Acrobatic dancing
Children painting at event
Clapping hands in front of crowd of people kneeling and sitting on floor


On Sunday, September 19th, 2021 we gathered over 200 neighbors at the beautiful Priory Grand Hall for an unforgettable afternoon of community, delicious local and cultural food, outstanding musical performances and more all in support of our newest neighbors. We are honored to announce that we raised over $60,000 at this year’s Home Sweet Home celebration! These funds will have a profound impact on the lives of our refugee and immigrant families and we are so grateful for your commitment to standing with our newest neighbors. Thank you to everyone who attended and made magical memories.


Hello Neighbor hosted its Annual community potluck on May 22nd, 2022 at Seneca Shelter, Settler’s Cabin Park. For the first time, we celebrated with families from our new programs, including our newest neighbors. The potluck featured a variety of events and activities including food, soccer, face painting, henna, spin art, crafts, an inflatable basketball game, carnival games, and much more. We are thankful to have such a supportive and generous community and want to offer extra thanks to those who brought a dish to share, blankets, lawn games (and umbrellas!).

Large crowd and bountiful spread of food at potluck picnic
Children playing soccer
Smiling group at bookstore or library
Women speaking at podium
Woman in pew speaking in microphone


To capture some of the unique experiences of motherhood across communities, Hello Neighbor partnered with Sharing Our Story. We brought together a diverse group of women who shared one important identity: mother. Through workshops supported by both Sharing Our Story and Hello Neighbor volunteers, women worked to connect in a shared space, beginning with identifying important items that capture a component of their varying identities: refugees from Congo, an immigrant from Iran, a special immigrant visa holder from Afghanistan, and refugees from Iraq and Syria as well as US-born Pittsburghers. Free screenings of the nine short films developed from these workshops were hosted across Pittsburgh neighborhoods in May, June, and July of 2022 by several of our generous partners. The first public discussion was facilitated by Bishnu Timsina of the Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) at the Brentwood Library with an amazing performance by Sankofa Village of the Arts and delicious food provided by Zafaron. Following the first discussion, Caley Donovan, Director of Resettlement at Bethany Christian, facilitated a lively discussion at the City of Asylum with a Persian interpreter, holding a moment of silence for those living through the aftermath of the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan. Our wrap-up presentation was hosted at the St. Nicholas Croatian Church surrounded by the beautiful Murals of Maxo Vanka with facilitation by Wiam Younes of Ansar and Arabic interpretation.


We had an amazing community get together on World Refugee and Immigrant Heritage Month celebration at Schenley Plaza. The event supported local refugee and immigrant owned restaurants and artisans and was filled with arts, music, crafts, and food. It was a great opportunity to meet with our neighbors and celebrate the city’s diverse culture and history together.

People registering for outdoor event
Dancers performing outdoors
Gathering of people outdoors with musicians performing
Children receiving backpacks under tent at back to school event
UPMC tent and volunteers at outdoor event
Students receiving backpacks at back to school event


Hello Neighbor’s Back to School Open House Event invited families, students, and guardians to our offices for food, entertainment, and a backpack drive. Students were given a brand new back pack filled with supplies for the upcoming school year. On the second floor of our offices, we had sessions helping students and guardians prepare for the upcoming school year by sharing some information on what to expect in the classroom. Thanks to UPMC for providing their mobile vaccination services - giving folks their COVID vaccines or boosters on site. We would also like to thank VolunTOTs, 412 Food Rescue, Pittsburgh Public Schools (ESL Centers),and Bookworm Global for their participation and partnership to make this event a successful one.


Passenger van in parking lot

Van Life

Thank you to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for allowing Hello Neighbor to borrow their spacious van to coordinate transportation for our families. Here’s Lexie from the Hello Neighbor team during the key hand-off with Ginny from St. Paul’s. We are so incredibly grateful for our community here in #Pittsburgh who supports our work, and extends their generosity in countless ways to help us welcome our newest neighbors.

WHAT’S NEXT: Hello Neighbor is on the hunt for a 15 passenger van! We are raising funds for this much needed transportation for airport pickups of our newest neighbors.

Team members posing with keys with passenger van

Storage Unit

We are grateful to St. Andrew’s for their help with our storage unit. Thanks to their support, we now have our very own storage unit in the back lot of our office! This allows us to expedite the support for our new neighbors and improve our inventory.

WHAT’S NEXT: We are updating flooring to grow space and capacity for in-kind donations!

Hello Neighbor office 2nd floor interior photo

2nd Floor Upstairs

We have moved to the Second Floor! With the impressive growth of our team members, it was time for us to expand our office space. And now we have half of the upstairs office space, along with new meeting areas and work stations.

WHAT’S NEXT: We have signed the lease for the entire 2nd floor to make room for our growing staff!

Family with shopping carts at grocery store. Kids are riding in the carts.
Checking out at grocery store
Women smiling outside in front of colorful mural


We had amazing days at Salem’s Market (Wednesday December 15), Double Fresh (Thursday, December 16), and Rahma Grocery (December 17) 2021. Our team members and volunteers came together to support families with their grocery shopping.



  • Co-chair: Katie Le, Client Service Business Manager, JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Chris Boehm, IT Manager, PPG
  • Vice-Chair: Ezz-Eldin Moukamal, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Forbes Hospital
  • Treasurer: Amanda Strader, Director of Accounting and Systems, Duolingo
  • Secretary: Kristin Garbarino, Associate Marketing Director, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Alexandra Cavoulacos, Co-founder of The Muse
  • Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor
  • Paul Fermo, Vice President of Business Development, Ascent AeroSystems
  • Aliza Haider, Senior Advisor, Immigration and Global Mobility, Duolingo
  • Kristen Hemmings, Senior Financial Paraplanner, Coghill Investment Strategies
  • Sarah Miley, Labor & Employment Attorney, Littler Mendelson, P.C.
  • Anne Marie Toccket, Executive Director, Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh
  • Tina Tran, Director, Business Development at Microsoft
  • Jillian Wein Riley, Assistant Counsel, UPMC Corporate Legal


  • Clare Wardwell
  • Joani McCormack
  • Justin Coaxum
  • Kristin Garbarino
  • Lee Haller
  • Michelle Boehm
  • Rachel Weaver
  • Richard Gartner
  • Rachel Coaxum
  • Susan White
  • Stephen Gross
  • Tara Ziegler


  • Board Chair: Kristen Hemmings, Senior Financial Paraplanner at Coghill Investment Strategies
  • Board Vice Chair: Ryan Ferrebee, Director of Institutional Support at Pittsburgh Public Theater
  • Treasurer: Nicholas Pucci, AVP, Life Product Actuary at Global Atlantic Financial Group
  • Secretary & Home Sweet Home Silent Auction Task Force Co-Chair: Katie Krancevich, Program Manager at University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
  • Staff Liaison: Carly Thibault, Donor Relations Coordinator at Hello Neighbor
  • Year-end Fundraising Campaign Task Force Co-Chair: Bryanna Ellis, Program Manager at Wondros
  • Membership & Engagement Task Force Co-Chair: Andrea Belen-Sandhorst, Assistant Vice President Banking Advisor, PNC Private Bank
  • Membership & Engagement Task Force Co-Chair: Samantha Callahan, Market Development Specialist at K&L Gates LLP
  • Home Sweet Home Silent Auction Task Force Co-Chair: Melissa Barton, Math Specialist at Reach Cyber Charter School
  • YP Board Signature Event Task Force Co-Chair: Emily Gallagher, Teaching Artist at Pittsburgh Festival Opera& Assistant to the Director of Marketing at Carnegie Mellon University School of Music
  • YP Board Signature Event Task Force Co-Chair: Kiersten Walmsley, Budget Analyst at City of Pittsburgh
  • Jorie Bagnato, Associate Attorney at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C.
  • Lena DeLucia, Safety Software Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Nicole Graycar, Principal and Owner at cd² consulting
  • Scotland Huber, Chief Communications Officer at Jewish Healthcare Foundation
  • Richard Power, Master’s Of Science in Nonprofit Management student at Robert Morris University
  • Christina Ranalli, Program Manager at Google
Volunteer waiving at front door


“Eighteen months ago my husband, David, and I moved to Pittsburgh to meet new people and embrace the challenges of getting to know a new city. One of the first things we did was buy the December copy of Pittsburgh Magazine, which outlined “21 reasons to Love Pittsburgh.” Hello Neighbor was #11! It sounded wonderful so I immediately registered to volunteer and the rest is history. Through my assignments delivering meals, setting up households, and space-planning storage spaces at the Hello Neighbor offices, I’ve met and worked with scores of fabulous staff, dedicated volunteers and lovely clients. There are many reasons we love our new hometown; Hello Neighbor is at the top of our list.“


A mom who had to leave her husband back at the refugee camp traveled to the US alone. Upon arrival, she discovered she was pregnant. Her pregnancy was emotionally grueling, full of loneliness, and full of fear of COVID. Through service coordination efforts between her case manager and the Smart Start Coordinator, she was provided a nursery, connected to community members who spoke her language (and were in the same refugee camp).

Additionally, mom ended up having a preemie baby via c-section while COVID-19positive.

The care coordination between her resettlement agency and the Smart Start program provided socio-emotional support, physical support in navigating discharge home, and meal delivery. Additionally, her care team rearranged her apartment to make the nursery accessible and assisted with enrollment in affordable housing near her new friends (the ones that speak her language!). Mom and baby are healthy, happy, and beginning to settle into their life. Smart Start continues to assist with document correction and mom continues to refer new friends to Hello Neighbor.

“I learned new sentence for you, miss. You are so kind.”

Young baby wrapped in blanket looking at camera

A new Afghan family arrived with 4 children and a baby on the way. Mom arrived 6.5 months pregnant. The family didn’t have any established community connections for childcare. With coordination from the Smart Start team, mom was provided with a primary support through out labor while dad stayed home with his children. Mom was very happy after the consultation where this plan was made. She immediately called her family in Afghanistan to tell them she would be okay - she has support. After the baby was born (a healthy, strong baby girl), her older siblings first, excited question was “What language will she speak? English? Pashto? Dari?”


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Learning Collaborative

Schultz Family Foundation, Stand Together Foundation, The Starbucks Foundation, Welcome.US, and Hello Neighbor partner to empower communities across America to welcome new Afghan neighbors.

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USCRI Federal Grant Announcement

Founding Council Member

Hello Neighbor is part of the National Welcome Council of Welcome.US

The Council includes a small but diverse selection of the thousands of people contributing to the movement of welcome. While they might not agree on every specific issue, they share a common belief that welcoming newcomers is inherent to who we are at our best and a commitment to lifting up that message in their respective communities.

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Adams Foundation
Community Sponsorship Hub
Highmark Health
Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation
Massey Charitable Trust
New Sun Rising
Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh
Schultz Family Foundation
Starbucks Foundation
The Banks-Baldwin Foundation
The Benter Foundation
The Dollar Bank Foundation
The Evan and Tracy Segal Family Foundation
The Good People Fund
The Grable Foundation
The Harnisch Foundation
The Heinz Endowments
The Highmark Foundation
The Jefferson Regional Foundation
The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
The Pittsburgh Foundation
The Richard King Mellon Foundation
The Stand Together Foundation
W.I. Patterson Charitable Fund
Walmart Foundation
William Talbott Hillman Foundation

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Aspinwall PresbyterianChurch
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Church of Ascension
Bower Hill Community Church
Calvary Episcopal Church
Calvin Presbyterian Church
Central Presbyterian Church
Christ United Methodist Church
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
South Hills Interfaith Movement
Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church
Providence Church
St. Andrew’s Church
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
State of PA Refugee Commission
Sunset HIlls United Presbyterian Church
Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills
Waverly Presbyterian Church
Westminister Presbyterian Church
Wexford Community Presbyterian Church


Allegheny CountyDepartment of Human Services
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Global Links
American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.
State of PA
Argo AI
Pittsburgh North MAMA
Computer Reach
Carrick Pharmacy
Episcopal Diocese
Squirrel Hill Health Center
State of PA Refugee Commission
Goodwill of Southwestern PA
Point Breeze Organization
Lark Adventurewear
love, Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library
Hyatt House Shadyside
Office of Mayor Ed Gainey: Office of Equity
Holiday Inn Express & Suite Pittsburgh
North Shore
The Allegheny Conference on Community
Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board
Salem’s Market and Grill
412 Food Rescue
U.S. Attorney’s Office (Pittsburgh)
Holy Family Institute
CORT Furniture
Bakluva LLC


Carnegie ElementarySchool
Pittsburgh Public Schools
The Education Partnership
Homeless Children’s Education Fund
Shady Side Academy (Senior School)


Hello Neighbor is on the hunt for a 15 passenger van! We are raising funds for this much needed transportation for airport pickups of our newest neighbors.

Together, We Go Far
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Together, We Go Far