Together We Go Far ✈️

We can all make a significant impact by shining a light on the journey ahead.

family's immigration photos

How do you decide what’s next after leaving everything you’ve known?

Our nation’s newest neighbors have come a long way by the time they arrive in Pittsburgh. After waiting years and leaving behind communities, languages, careers, and support systems, they’re finally ready for what’s next.

Navigating this new chapter is pivotal for their success, and we can all make a significant impact by shining a light on the journey ahead.

Together, We Go Far is inspired by the critical first moments when a new refugee family arrives by welcoming and embracing them. Your generosity will support our mission to safely transport families to their new homes in a Hello Neighbor van we can call all our own. Sharing this safe space demonstrates our refugee-first mindset and ensures all families can stay together as they embark on their next chapter.

When families see Hello Neighbor, they know they have the support of our community. Rooted in human connection, our collective commitment to their success transcends languages and cultures.

As Hello Neighbor’s Board Co-Chair and a child of a Vietnamese refugee family, I am honored to serve this mission. When my family arrived in Pittsburgh, we relied on welcoming neighbors who cultivated our sense of belonging. Feeling welcomed into our community offered my family the confidence to rebuild their lives with dignity and respect. We are humbled to pay forward that love.

On behalf of our team, thank you for your ongoing commitment to take real action for our nation’s newest and most diverse neighbors. The legacy we create in building these bridges can make us all proud to call Pittsburgh “home.”

In solidarity,
Katie Le

family gathering outdoors