Statement by Sloane Davidson on Man Arrested on Terrorism Charges

By Sloane Davidson,  June 20, 2019

PITTSBURGH, PA (June 20, 2019) Sloane Davidson, Founder of Hello Neighbor, released the following statement on the arrest of Pittsburgh resident and Syrian refugee Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, on charges of seeking to assist ISIS in an attack on a church in the city’s North Side:

“On behalf of Hello Neighbor, I would like to thank law enforcement for their daily work to stop crimes of terrorism and hate. Yours jobs are incredibly hard and we all thank you for your hard work.

Hello Neighbor was founded on the principle of being a good neighbor to our newest neighbors - refugee and immigrant families. We know that Pittsburgh has always been a home for refugees and immigrants and are so proud to be part of the fabric that makes Pittsburgh a welcoming place to be.

While we do not know the suspect nor his family, we know that this will shake our community and our City. For some, it can be difficult to differentiate between one bad character and an entire population or community of people. For Pittsburghers who see someone different from them, please do not judge them for the color of their skin just as you would not like to be judged.

It’s important for all of us to remember that hatred does not have to beget hatred. We can answer with love and we can continue to show support to our new neighbors who face discrimination and intimidation for the way they dress, the way they pray and for their very presence in our communities.

The Mayor of Pittsburgh continues to reinforce his message of welcoming, his opposition of hate in any form and his cooperation with law enforcement. Hello Neighbor feels exactly the same. We do what we do because we see the impact it makes for all Pittsburghers, and we’ll continue to do the best we can to build bridges within this amazing city we all call home.”

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