Introducing: New Neighbor Cookie Table

November 12, 2018

UPDATE: We have sold out for Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for updates on holiday ordering opportunities in December!

Handmade with love: Hello Neighbor is a nonprofit organization supporting recently resettled refugee families with Pittsburghers. We have started a new cookie plate program. This season, we are selling baklava handmade by the mothers of our Syrian families.

Why: Many of our moms, in particular the Syrians, are amazing bakers. Really talented. And they want to make money to support their families but they have kids under the age of 5 at home and it’s hard. We started ordering baklava for our events and it made everyone so happy! The women are so appreciative and it’s really delicious homemade baklava. So if you want to surprise family or friends with homemade baklava from a Syrian mom here in Pittsburgh, please place your orders today!

Baklava: A sweet Middle Eastern treat of walnuts and sugar in between layers of crispy phyllo dough, finished with warm drizzles of butter and syrup.

Giving: $.75 of every dollar goes towards the Syrian baker herself. You can select from three sizes and three levels of support.

Sizes: Small: 2 dozen ($25) | Medium: 4 dozen ($50) | Large: 8 dozen ($100)

Cost: EAT: The price of your order GIVE: The price of your order, plus $10 in support of Hello Neighbor LOVE: The price of your order, plus $20 in support of Hello Neighbor

All orders must be placed by Friday, November 16th.

Pickup: All orders will be available for pickup on Tuesday, November 20th from either 9:00-11:00AM or 3:00-5:00PM.

Address: Hello Neighbor @ SPACES, 6425 Living Place, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Any comments or questions, please email or visit our website at:

Baklava has a really lengthy shelf life, lasting about 2+ weeks. It should be stored in an airtight container, either in room temperature or in the fridge. Storing in room temperature will preserve the crispness. If you like your baklava chewy and a bit harder, store it in the refrigerator. Baklava has a unique moistness to it, so you’ll know it’s nearing the end of its shelf life when it starts to dry out.

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