Hello Neighbor partners with the Schultz Family Foundation, Stand Together Foundation and The Starbucks Foundation to Support Our Afghan Neighbors

The Hello Neighbor Network, a program of Hello Neighbor, will lead a collaborative learning community for grassroots nonprofits which will receive more than $1 million in total funding towards welcoming Afghans across the U.S.

October 25, 2021

The Schultz Family Foundation, Stand Together Foundation and The Starbucks Foundation today announced the Mobilizing America for Refugees Fund to support community-based organizations across the United States that are helping Afghan refugees and parolees successfully resettle by donating goods, services, and volunteer time. As a part of the effort, the Schultz Family Foundation, Stand Together Foundation and The Starbucks Foundation have committed more than $1 million to provide general operating grants up to $45,000 to qualifying nonprofits in up to 40 communities across the country to increase their capacity to serve individuals and families who have fled Afghanistan.

“Courageous Afghans fleeing their homeland, many of whom honorably served alongside our veterans, deserve to be welcomed with respect and dignity. Helping our Afghan allies successfully integrate into our communities across the country reaffirms our shared humanity and common bonds.” — Sheri and Howard Schultz, co-founders, Schultz Family Foundation

Community-Led Welcoming

To support this effort, Welcome.US will raise awareness, foster collaboration, and coordinate among resettlement groups and civic organizations, including the more than 100 organizations that comprise its broad coalition of partners. Hello Neighbor will lead a collaborative learning community through our national program, the Hello Neighbor Network, to share best practices among grantees.

“Hello Neighbor is honored and humbled to lead the learning components of this grant opportunity and funding circle. We know the greatest impacts can happen right at home. As communities all across the United States look to support their newest neighbors, we will be there right alongside them. Together, we can and will make a great impact in the lives of our new Afghan neighbors.” — Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

The Mobilizing America for Refugees Fund will invest in community organizations that are committed to creating opportunities for Americans across the country to directly engage in welcoming and helping Afghan newcomers integrate into their new communities in partnership with local resettlement agencies. The Hello Neighbor Network knows well the variety of services and supports grassroots organizations provide for newly-arrived families and the positive impact these families have on their host communities. Grants will go to organizations like those in the Network to provide volunteer-led services such as English instruction, driving lessons and job navigation, material donations, mentorship, and community-building events and activities to welcome Afghans.

Funding Opportunity

Funders of the Mobilizing America for Refugees Fund will provide general operating grants to community-based organizations that:

  • Operate in a community that is likely to receive Afghan refugees.
  • Are committed to engaging a broad cross section of their community to support refugees, including volunteers from families, schools, universities, veterans’ organizations, and religious organizations.
  • Are partnering with one or more refugee resettlement organizations in their community.
  • Commit to dedicating 3–5 hours per month to learn from and participate in a learning collaborative of like-minded organizations through the grant term led by the Hello Neighbor Network.

Application Details

Does your organization match the qualifications above? Interested organizations can learn more by reading the Frequently Asked Questions and can apply to receive support below. Applications are due Wednesday, November 15, 2021.

Apply For Funding

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