Hello Neighbor Network Spotlight: Sheryl Rajbhandari

Meet Sheryl Rajbhandari, Hello Neighbor Partner and Founder of Heartfelt Tidbits

August 19, 2020

Southwest Ohio is home to over 40,000 refugees who have resettled in the United States. These families are supported by resettlement agencies for their first 90 days in the county, and then are expected to be self sufficient and to navigate a new language, city and culture on their own.

After getting to know a newly arrived Bhutanese family in her region, one Cincinnati resident, Sheryl Rajbhandari, saw the flaws in this system and the need for families to have a “longer welcome”.

In 2008 Rajbhandari founded Heartfelt Tidbits in order to address the gaps left by the short-term aid of refugee resettlement agencies. It began as a passion project, however after seeing the growing number of refugees arriving in Cincinnati, Rajbhandari left her corporate career in 2013 to focus full time on serving refugee and immigrant populations. Heartfelt Tidbits is dedicated to helping refugees a ‘tidbit’ at a time, aiding families in the crucial period following their arrival to the United States. Their programs include english language and citizenship classes, youth support, job readiness, and other incredible support services for new arrivals.


Your name:
Sheryl Rajbhandari

Name of Your organization:
Heartfelt Tidbits

Location of Your organization:
Cincinnati, Ohio

What communities does your organization serve?
Refugees and immigrants throughout the southwest Ohio region.

What are you most excited for in 2020?
We continue to grow with new programs to help our families realize their dreams. Our newest programs are focused on our early learners, 0-5 years old, and we’ve expanded our K-12th grade programs.

How has your organization benefited from the Hello Neighbor Network?
Having a group of wonderful, powerful and like-minded women to bounce ideas off of, learn from and reach out to when you need motivation has been amazing. In addition, it’s broadened our awareness to what’s trending, challenges their seeing and what’s exciting that each of them are doing around the country.

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