Hello Neighbor Network 2021 Convening Recap

We had over 250 people from 27 states attend this year's virtual Convening to refocus on the work of supporting refugees and immigrants and reimagine what welcoming communities could look like.

May 10, 2021

Our virtual Convening this year surpassed so many of our expectations. We had over 250 people from across the country involved to refocus on the work, reimagine what our communities could be, and recharge after the personal and collective challenges we’ve faced.

If you were one of the many attendees on our Zoom screens…thank you for coming! Please continue to share your feedback with us. If you couldn’t make it, we have video recordings from the Reimagine Day of the conference available on our YouTube channel.

2021 Hello Neighbor Network Convening Overview

  • Over 40% of registrants were nonprofit leaders across the U.S.
  • 90% of attendees said they learned about at least one new professional in a field they were interested in
  • Over 50% of attendees agreed the conversation made them think differently about a topic that relates to refugee and immigrant inclusion
  • 60% of attendees made at least 1-5 new personal or professional connections during the event
  • Over 60 organizations got involved including grassroots organizations, educational institutes, media agencies, and entrepreneurs.

Speaker Highlights:

“Our differences aren’t an obstacle- they make us stronger. They are tectonic. It’s not about traditional status or power, but how we lean on each other and trust one another to do big things.” — Nilofer Merchant, Business Strategist & Best-Selling Author

“I think as I got older, I became more comfortable with being in the middle of these cultures and experiences. It allows me to do this work to reach out to both side in a meaningful and productive way.” -Ahmed Badr, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Former Iraqi Refugee

“Sometimes people feel like we have to highlight the differences that divide us. Instead, we try to highlight the connections that bind us together- what drives our interactions together, not what prevents them.” — Wendy Feliz, Founding Director of the Center for Inclusion & Belonging

What Participants Are Saying:

“It was a truly enriching day. Each session was thoughtful and relevant. I have eight typed pages of notes with many takeaways and gems.”

“Inspiring. Engaging. Creative. So many learning moments there were too many to mention. Solidarity of purpose.”

“It was so inspiring and it has helped spark my fire again.”

How To Keep The Fire Going:

Read More By Our Speakers

Check out a few of the incredible books written by our speakers below:

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