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Belonging Begins Here

A world of belonging begins here,
be a part of it

Thanks to your support together we raised $75,000 to support our programs, services, and the essential expenses required to ensure our new neighbors receive the assistance they need. To expand our impact further, let's stretch our goal. Will you help us reach our new goal of $100,000 to build belonging in 2024 for our newest neighbors?

Belonging Begins Here: Be a Part of Something Bigger

Belonging is not just a feeling; it's a lifeline, and your support can make all the difference. 

Our newest neighbors have come a long way by the time they arrive in Pittsburgh. Their new home. As neighbors, understanding the difference a social support can make, the idea of belonging, matters. 

Everyone deserves a home where they feel loved and supported. That’s why this year, we remember that “Belonging Begins Here.” New neighbors from around the world arrive in Pittsburgh every week and become an integral part of our city. As neighbors, we can build belonging, one kind action at a time: learning words in a new language, sharing a meal, advocating for justice, and of course, giving of our time and resources. Your support of Hello Neighbor’s mission helps us connect new neighbors to resources and relationships that make Pittsburgh a safe and welcoming home.

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On the Road to Belonging!

Your support plays a pivotal role in Hello Neighbor's mission to empower our newest neighbors. In 2022, thanks to your incredible support, we successfully acquired the Hello Neighbor 15-passenger van, serving as a symbol of comfort and safety for those arriving in Pittsburgh. This year, we are focused on providing more comprehensive services to refugees in Pittsburgh. We need your help to sustain and expand our programs and services.

It can take a while for a new place to feel like home. Social support, access to education, a rewarding job, and mental health services can make the resettlement transitions a little easier. With your support, Hello Neighbor can continue to offer this full spectrum of services to our new neighbors.

Hello Neighbor team helping child with an admission bracelet at welcome desk

On the Road to Belonging!

This year, we have expanded the services we provide to our new neighbors, including intensive case management, mental health support, and workforce development so that people can attain the jobs of their dreams. To sustain this growth, we rely on a strong base of community support. Hello Neighbor remains dedicated to providing vital assistance to our newest neighbors here in Pittsburgh, but we can't achieve our goals without you.

Help Us Reach $75,000 by December 31st

This year, we aim to raise $75,000 to support our programs, services, and the essential expenses required to ensure our new neighbors receive the assistance they need. Your gift has the power to transform lives, from the moment they step foot in Pittsburgh to every step on their journey ahead.

Will you help us reach our goal of creating belonging?

“Programs like these are the kinds of things that make Pittsburgh a better place to be and to live…[that there] is such a way to help in those needs that people don’t see”

- Cohort 7 Mentor
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