7 Ways Love is Celebrated Around The World

Explore some unique Valentine's Day traditions from around the globe

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can be traced back as early as 496 AD, and was used to commemorate a martyr, later declared a saint, called Valentinus. Now, this holiday is celebrated all around the world as lovers, family, and friends gather together to show their gratitude and appreciation for those they love. The practice of setting aside a day (or week) to celebrate love comes with varying names and traditions in countries across the world and they do not all fall on February 14th. However, they all declare the same message–love is universal, and it’s something to celebrate.

Here are seven unique ways that love is celebrated around the world!


1. Bulgaria

On February 14th Bulgarians celebrate St. Trifon’s Day. To honor the patron of winemakers, lovers all over the country come together and enjoy a glass of delicious wine.


2. Argentina

Along with Valentines Day in February, this passionate country has a weeklong celebration of love in July known as “Sweetness Week”. During it many kisses are exchanged for sweet treats. Initially created as a campaign for bakers and confectioners, the weeklong celebration was swiftly welcomed by Argentinians.


3. France

On February 12th through 14th, the town of St. Valentin, France (also known as the “Village of Love”) holds a three day celebration dedicated to love. During this celebration heart shaped ornaments hang from trees and red roses cover the village. Couples can be found planting a tree to symbolize the growth of their love.


4. Ghana

On February 14th this country celebrates National Chocolate Day. For this sweet occasion many restaurants create unique and intricate chocolate-themed menus and exhibitions. Ghana is a country known for its chocolate–in fact, it is the worlds second largest supplier of cocoa!


5. Denmark

For Valentines Day, lovers and friends will gift bouquets of snowdrops and write humorous poems, called gaekkebrev. The poems are signed with nothing but dots, but if the recipient correctly guesses who the letter was sent from, the sender will give them an Easter Egg later in the year.


6. Mexico

On February 14th, Mexico celebrates the Day of Love and Friendship. Rather than making the day exclusively for couples, friends will gift chocolates, balloons, and stuffed animals to one another as a gesture of their love and appreciation.


7. Wales

The Welsh celebrate Dwynewen’s Day, the Saint of lovers, on January 25th. On this special occasion lovers will gift intricately carved wooden spoons to express their gratitude toward their partner.

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