Welcoming Hello Neighbor New Team Members!

Our team has grown, with 16 members in 7 weeks!

We have seen such impressive growth since the month of May, as we welcomed 16 new team members in only 7 weeks. These new hires include 11 full-time employees and 5 interns who are all motivated to elevate and promote the mission of Hello Neighbor.

On behalf of the Hello Neighbor team, we would like to sincerely thank you, our funders, supporters and community members. The addition of our new team members is a wonderful milestone as we continue to address the many pressing issues of our world and strive to make an impact in our community.

The names and designation of our new team members (left to right):

Marketing Team:

  • Asfi Tazwar Amin, Communications Coordinator
  • London Fabian, Social Media Content Specialist

Resettlement Team

  • Emma Gamble, Extended Case Manager

Operations Team

  • Zachary Payne, Controller
  • Alonso Diaz, Operations Manager
  • Ali Abdullah Kohistani, Legal Assistant
  • Mohammad Aman Haidary, Finance Assistant

Development Team

  • Danielle Grooms, Director of Development
  • Aubrey Park, Volunteer Coordinator

Family Services Team

  • Kim Sousa, Medical Case Aide
  • MarĂ­a Camila Arbelaez Solano, Smart Start Case Manager


  • Lizzie Ballantyne, Operations Intern
  • Ahmad Hassan Aly, Resettlement Intern
  • Alyssa Curtis, Family Services Intern
  • Sohrab Saljooki, Network Intern
  • Rishu Singh, Data Intern

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