Planned Community Initiatives.

Hello Neighbor is immersed in launching the Mentorship Program. However we are truly excited to create a number of other community initiatives. A few of those examples are below. If you have ideas for partnership, space to hold events or any other ideas on how to bring people together, send us an email at


National Refugee Resettlement and Immigrant Assistance Database. A public database of nonprofits and social service agencies to learn how to get involved. The database currently has over 310 agencies from 49 states and DC. Click here to view, and click here to submit an organization


Community Potluck Dinners. Starting in summer 2017, we will be hosting one dinner a month in different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh where refugees live.

Craft Days. After the success of our Valentine’s Day Crafting Party, we have been developing other ways to bring together community to do crafts. We believe you don’t have to share a language to share a space and learn about them and that is what the craft series is all about.

Documentary Film Series. We are producing a documentary film series in Fall, 2017. Stay tuned!

Book Club. Starting in summer 2017, each month, we will select a book for the community to read about a refugee or immigrant and their experience. We are actively looking for a bookshop or open space to host our group.

Refugee and Immigrant Giving Circle. If you’re interested in joining a Giving Circle where the donations go to help support refugee and immigrant causes, you’re in the right place and we’d love to have you join our group.

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