Lark Adventurewear + Hello Neighbor

By Sloane Davidson,  May 6, 2019

Hello Neighbor and Lark Adventurewear are excited to announce their new partnership!

The two-part collaboration includes a generous clothing donation by Lark Adventurewear to all new moms who are enrolled in the Hello Neighbor program. And beginning Monday, May 6th, 2019 through Friday, May 17th, 2019 Lark Adventurewear will graciously be donating 10% of their profits to support Hello Neighbor’s important efforts.

Both of us - Hello Neighbor and Lark Adventurewear - are founded by local moms! And as new moms, we know first-hand the pressures of becoming a parent. When we started talking about this partnership, we kept coming back to the thinking about how refugee moms, like all moms, are faced with decisions every day for how to best care for their children in the face of all of the daily stress that moms face. But of course, refugees have an added layer of stress, being new to the United States and struggling to understand American culture and often lacking in a local support network. 

Lark Adventurewear is awesome! Pallavi Golla founded Lark Adventurewear in 2016. When her son Vyan was born, she was in awe of his curiosity as he explored the world around him. While outdoors, Pallavi began to notice that while she remained comfortable and cool in her adult activewear, Vyan was hot, sweaty and damp in his clothing. She quickly realized that no activewear existed for smaller children and made it her mission to create eco-friendly activewear. Pallavi developed a bamboo fabric called Softek™ that is breathable, UPF 50+ and super soft to protect little ones from sun and sweat. Two years later, parents depend on this clothing line to keep their kids most comfortable day and night.

Support Hello Neighbor and your newest neighbors - refugee families - by making a purchase on Lark Adventurewear today through May 17th at ›

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