Happy Holidays From Hello Neighbor

We are so inspired by the way you showed up for your neighbors in 2019 and made Pittsburgh a more welcoming city

This past year has been one of significant growth for Hello Neighbor.

Together in 2019 we logged over 1,500 mentoring and volunteer hours to support our refugee neighbors and celebrated the completion of two successful mentorship cohorts. We hosted potlucks meals that created space for the community to gather together and build new friendships. We collaborated with local chefs to host community dinners around Pittsburgh in support of our new neighbors, giving our refugee chefs new confidence as they prepare to step into the workforce. You provided $0.75 on the dollar to our Syrian refugee bakers and their families with each box of cookies your purchased from the New Neighbor Cookie Table. We launched our Smart Start for Refugee Moms and Children program, focused on serving some of the most vulnerable in our communities, which has generated so much enthusiasm and support through new volunteers and donated items.

Last but not least, this year Hello Neighbor launched our first national leadership cohort, bringing together eight founders of refugee support organizations around the U.S. working to improve the lives of recently resettled refugees in their cities. As part of the national network’s first initiative, the cohort commissioned a research study surveying volunteers and refugees to better understand the impact of refugee support organizations and nonprofits.

Findings from the survey include:

  • 92% (of refugees with children) felt their kids have more access to opportunities after working with an agency
  • 91% of refugees felt more connected to the city they lived in
  • 93% of volunteers believe their agency reduced polarization in their community

Because of You

This year we have seen so many memories made and milestones reached in the lives of refugee families and dedicated mentors all around Pittsburgh. We watched as refugee parents earned drivers licenses, purchased homes, and started new jobs. We saw refugee kids set out for their first day of school, try out (and make) school sports teams, and finish homework with the help of mentors. We witnessed refugee mothers gain confidence to venture outside the home and use their culinary skills to provide a supplemental income for their families. Together, we learned about new cultures, developed new friendships, and took pride in calling ourselves “Pittsburghers,” whether we’ve lived here all our lives or just recently arrived from another country.

Our Favorite Events From 2019

Much To Be Thankful For

There is so much to celebrate this holiday season as we look back on an incredible year. Together we are creating a Pittsburgh we can all be proud of, and we have our amazing community of dedicated neighbors to thank.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you, and for the joy you have brought to this city and your new neighbors in 2019. As a show of our appreciation, we would like to offer the gift of some fun, holiday wallpapers for your phone to help you celebrate neighborly love all year round.

Download your gift by clicking the image below.


P.S. Thanks to a generous $50,000 match from our incredible partners at USA for UNHCR, any donations made now through the end of the year will be matched. If you believe in the work we’re doing in the city of Pittsburgh and would like to be a part of our growing movement, please consider joining us through making a one time or monthly donation.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to double your impact in the lives of refugees.