Changing the Way We Welcome Through Community Co-Sponsorship

Can ordinary citizens change the way we welcome resettling refugee neighbors and build sustainable, multicultural communities?

Welcoming new neighbors at the airport with multilingual Welcome sign

The number of people living as refugees worldwide is at a record high. The U.S. government has acknowledged the urgent need to expand the capacity of its resettlement efforts. But the federal government isn’t the only one responding to this call to action. Following the back-to-back events of the evacuations in Afghanistan and war in the Ukraine, we’ve seen more communities across the country mobilizing to support and welcome refugees than ever before. With this increase in public interest and investment in refugee resettlement, agencies across the country are seeking innovative ways to engage private citizens in resettlement systems. Many of these organizations found inspiration close by, in the form of the private sponsorship model- the first community sponsorship system in the world, founded by our Canadian neighbors all the way back in 1979!

Hello Neighbor is thrilled to announce the launch of our own Community Co-Sponsorship Program, joining the many organizations nationwide embracing the community sponsorship model of refugee resettlement!

What‘s happening now?

We are currently recruiting 3 pre-formed groups for a pilot version of our program. Groups can be: interfaith & faith groups, local clubs & businesses, community & civic associations, or even just a group of friends. For our pilot groups, we are looking for groups that are:

  • 5 to 15 people in size
  • Able to reach a $3,000 team fundraising minimum
  • Committed to a minimum of 6 months of support once matched with a family

These groups will be selected, trained, and ready to match with a refugee case in Fall 2022. Following feedback from our pilot launch, we will be expanding recruitment for the first official cohort of co-sponsor groups Fall 2022.

Get Involved

Fill out the Co-Sponsorship Application: Tell us more about your group or yourself, why you are interested in co-sponsoring, and any skills or knowledge you have that could be useful in resettling refugees!

Where can I learn more about Community Co-Sponsorship?

  • Interested in learning more about the original private sponsorship model for refugee resettlement?
    Check out this short video from the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative about Canada’s program!
  • What does Co-Sponsorship look like? Our friends at IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services) have one of the most established co-sponsorship programs in the country!
    Visit their homepage HERE to learn why they co-sponsor and how.
  • Where can you find Community Sponsorship programs globally?
    Learn about international community sponsorship initiatives, and read some testimonials, from Amnesty International HERE.


Contact our Assistant Director of Refugee Resettlement, Kayleigh Del Cotto, at